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by Zapruder Red


Compiled in the year 2000, featuring remixers from the Electronic Music forums of MP3 . com. These artists were given loops and raw files for tracks from the Zapruder Red catalog. I suspect that most of these artists no longer record under their old pseudonyms.

Each remixer submitted an MP3 file of their completed mix. Not wanting to remaster from a compressed source, I simply compiled all the original mixes and retagged them.



released March 25, 2000

Original Liner Notes from 2000.

(((stereofect))) - Negate Gravity (Blackhole Mix)
Originally released on "Music From Steven and Wilhelm"
"This is my interpretation (remix) of the song "Negate Gravity." This mix is designed to be a "lights out", headphone extravaganza.... to be consumed while under the influence of controlled substances. It is a slow riser... fully climactic excursion into the absolute depths of psychedelic dementia. A 3:30, abstractically darkend, sonically psychedelic version of delusional hallucinosis...."=

Peff - IV (Peff Remix)
Originally released on "blackburn"
"IV=Roman Numeral 4. This is a Remix of Zapruder Red's track, "Four". A project where he has ressurected sessions recorded on a 4-Track tape machine. I've employed a new style of drum arrangement in this remix."

U:Tama - Derailleur (Grand Prix)
Originally released on "blackburn"
"Zapruder Red vs U:tama - Part 2 of 2 remixes done for Zapruder Red. This one has a funky drummer vibe, with layers of mad breakbeats, and a wall of guitar sound. Extremely infectious..."

Digital Overdrive - Drugs & Boxes (Digital Overdrive Remix)
Originally released on "Glassblower"
"I did an all nighter and finished the mix. I was on an
experimental binge... made a HipHop/DnB type of thing out of it... it's
non-stop from beginning to end....I did some custom bass and drum stuff with it... and added all kinds of vocal snips and effects."

Psychic Enemies Network vs Zapruder Red
Features elements originally found on blackburn, Sandy Day, and Glassblower
"Psychic Enemies Network create a thick ambient noise that features segments of 'Blatant Twin,' 'Acoustikraft,' 'Sandy Day,' '7,' and '6.'" - ZR

needL - Derailleur (Ringing In My Ear)
Originally released on "blackburn"
"NeedL's remix is sparse and cool. Sometimes simple is better!" - ZR

Woodworm - Nowadays (Woodworm Beer Money Mix)
Originally released on "Glassblower"
"Woodworm does stuff I can only dream about. Yeah, it's music from my dreams..." - ZR

Taperoll - Derailleur (Taperoll Mix)
Originally released on "blackburn"
"I'm not even sure how Taperoll approached this mix. All I received was this MP3." - ZR

Tuki Hairo - 6..66 Mix
Originally released on "blackburn"
"Zapruder Red asked me if I wanted to remix something of his, and I picked his lo-fi trip hop masterpiece, 6. Then I fucked up a perfectly good song with a heavy dose of Tuki flavor. Enjoy."

Drugs & Boxes (Chris Phinney Remix)
Originally released on "Glassblower"
"Chris takes it over the edge into Mental Anguish." - ZR

Hyperdriver - From Where You Came (Dark Red Mix)
Originally released on "Glassblower"
"Hyperdriver goes all out... frequency shifting is IN!" - ZR

U:Tama - "Derailleur (Melankolik Mix)"

Original compositions by Zapruder Red

Thank you to all the remixers, without whom
this would not be possible.

Artwork by Sean Marquet



Keith Hanlon Columbus, Ohio

Keith Hanlon has released ambient drone music under the name DOT, computer-based music under the name Zapruder Red and soundtrack work under his own name. This page is making the transition from an archival page to the official home for his music, under his own name or a pseudonym.

At other times, Hanlon is an audio engineer, producer and drummer.
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